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About Us

over 30 Years

Of Experience

Behind The Wheel // 

Classroom topics covered

 * Requirements for Hawaii Licensing Program

 * Road Safety; Respect for Traffic Laws

 * SEE - Search, Evaluate & Execute

 * Driving is a Privilege that comes with Responsibility 

Behind the Wheel (BTW)

 * One on one lessons to allow each student to learn at their own pace with encouragement and support while learning real life driving skills. 

Coaching students to be:

 * Prepared.  Not just rogue learning but encouraging critical thinking though action.

 * Responsible.  Daily practices; good attitude equals caring for the process.

 * Conscientious.  Understanding how your actions have consequences involving others as you drive. 

Learning is Fun, Engaging & Relevant.  Together we will get through this milestone at your pace.

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