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Providing Driver Education Since 2015 

Brenda Fernandez //


I help Educate drivers with road safety & basic understanding of Hawaii's rules & regulations for novice drivers of all ages.

The course provides the skills and the attitude necessary to develop confident, responsible drivers using interactive techniques thru participation & critical thinking.

My Mission is to provide:

 * Clear Understanding of Traffic Rules & Regulations for safe confident & responsible drivers.

 * Hands on approach; teaching proper skills to meet each students unique learning styles thru various measures.

 * Fundamentals to obtain a Hawaii Driver's License with self-confidence.

 * Specialized Life Saving Exercises to focus on quick, responsive thinking and decision making.

 * Awareness for Road Respect.

 Get On The Road!
Testimonials //
  • "I passed...First try!!  Thanks to you!! Thank you for everything.  Words can't explain how happy I am & how grateful to have you as a drivers teacher!!”

Akasha K.



  • “Dear Aunty Brenda,  Thank you for teaching me how to drive safely!  I've learned so much from you and I won't forget anything you've taught me.  Being Your student has been an honor and I truly appreciate every second I've spent with you.  I hope to see you on the road someday!  I'll always remember to Just Drive!  Thank you for everything :)”

Kara N.



  • “Aunty, i passed my drivers test, thank you for teaching me everything i needed to know and preparing me for it.  Wouldn't have passed if it wasn't for you.”

   Dio O.



  • “I passed first try ! Thank you so much aunty brenda for everything ! :)”

Ella M.

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